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Est. 1989

What is the Process of making a custom piece of jewelry?

Step 1 -  Work with our design team to create a rendering of the desired piece,  or bring in  your own design (sketch, pictures, ideas, etc.) and we will proceed from there.



Step 2 - We will then hand carve from wax, the mold that will be used to create your piece.  After you view the mold,  we will then make any changes and repeat untill perfect,  or proceed to the next step.

Wax ex 1crop wax EX 2crop


Step 3 - We then take the mold and attach it to a rubber flask base. Next we mix an investment solution similar to plaster.  After inserting a metal flask into the base, we then pour the investment into the flask. After 2 hours of drying, the rubber base is removed. The flask is then placed inside a kiln to be fired for a period of 8 hours, melting the wax out and leaving a cavity for the metal to be poured into.  This process is called the Lost Wax casting method.  To pour the metal we use an oxygen/acetelyne torch and a vacuum casting machine. After the metal has cooled slightly, we then quench the flask in water and remove the casted piece. From there we file, sand, and polish the metal, then do any stone setting or special finishing thats needed.  

Raw cast cast flask Quench flask

Glowing hot metal in flask after cast.

Hot flask being quenched in water.

Raw casting ready for finishing.